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IntelleGrow provides customized debt finance to small and growing businesses in India.

We are focused on the following sectors:

  • 1. Agricultural supply chain
  • 2. Clean Energy
  • 3. Education
  • 4. Financial inclusion
  • 5. Affordable healthcare
  • 6. Water and Sanitation

At IntelleGrow, we understand the unique challenges faced by small and growing businesses seeking to create social or environmental impact. We provide accessible and flexible debt, uniquely designed to unlock growth potential.

Most lenders typically engage in traditional collateral-based lending to enterprises operating in established industries, with at least three consecutive years of profitable, audited track record. Existing lenders capable of lending to small businesses are often prohibitively slow and complicated to deal with or impose restrictive conditions, making it difficult for fast growing businesses to secure a loan when they need it most.

IntelleGrow was established to help those enterprises access loans in a transparent way. Since 2010 IntelleGrow has served customers across a range of subsectors and geographies in India. We are registered as a Non-Banking Finance Company.

IntelleGrow is responding to the market need with a vision to deploy more than $30m (250 crores) by 2015.


IntelleGrow's Lending Model

IntelleGrow uses a different approach compared to traditional lenders.

  • We evaluate potential clients based on their business viability first (rather than looking first for collateral). Many loss-making enterprises without collateral have historically qualified for a loan.
  • Our loans are structured to tie repayments to anticipated cash flows, rather than to general growth of the business.
  • We evaluate and process loans quickly, with a typical turnaround time of 40-50 days (read more about our loan process here [link]).
  • We prioritise businesses that create social and environmental impact.
  • Our loans are customised to meet your borrowing needs.

For full information about IntelleGrow's lending process, please visit our lending FAQs.

Green Earth   


IntelleGrow loans to small and growing businesses create lasting social and environmental impact. In the due diligence process before lending, enterprises identify their impact in the area of greenhouse gas emissions or lives impacted.

To date, enterprises in IntelleGrow's portfolio have:
- Reduced greenhouse gas emission by 89,257 units (tCO2e); and
- Positively impacted 1660,200 lives across India.

Notably, one of IntelleGrow's largest impacts is the ability to help small and growing enterprises unlock capital for their growth. This impact is core to our investment thesis, and we track how IntelleGrow's loans allow companies to leverage additional capital.

IntelleGrow is in the process of further refining its impact measurements. By participating in ecosystem efforts with the Indian Impact Investment Council (IIIC), Intellecap and others, we seek to understand how we can better evaluate both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of our impact. We look forward to sharing our evaluation experience across impact sectors with the field.



i. What is the selection criterion for SGB loans?

IntelleGrow staff conducts initial screening and due diligence checks based on application documents, visits, and discussions with your team. Our Credit Committee makes final decisions, weighing business viability, risk categorisation and mitigation options.

ii. What are the products offered by IntelleGrow?

While we lend for various purposes – be it for capital expenditure or working capital – we do not compartmentalise our products. We craft debt products to meet the working capital needs of each client.

iii. What are the minimum and maximum loan ticket sizes?

Presently, we offer loans between INR 50 lakh and INR 3 crore. Loan amounts vary depending upon the specific requirement and the credit quality of the loan applicant.

iv. What are the lending rates?

At IntelleGrow, we customize loans to suit the needs of many types of borrowers, and we offer highly competitive interest rates. Aspects considered while determining the interest rate are detailed in our Interest Rate Policy.

v. What are the loan tenure options?

Our flexible repayment structures are designed on a case-by-case basis, with tailored schedules. We offer monthly, quarterly and half-yearly repayment schedules with or without a capital moratorium, and also balloon or bullet repayment structures as validated by anticipated cash flows. Loans are typically extended for tenures between 6 months and 3 years. For bridge loans, shorter tenures may also be considered.

vi. My company is not yet profitable. Can I still apply for a loan?

Yes, we do lend to companies before profitability. For any loan, we need to have a clear overview of your business economics. We can work to develop loan structures to suit your cash flow patterns and business requirements.

vii. I am interested in raising debt from IntelleGrow despite having less than 3 years' business history. Am I eligible?

IntelleGrow specialises in structuring loans in a way that has limited dependence on business history. While some operating history is preferred to understand the business viability, the decision to approve a loan is also derived from our confidence in your team, business model, and market opportunity.

viii. Do you exclude any specific sectors or legal structures?

Presently, we do not lend to enterprises registered as Trusts, Societies, Section 25 companies, or as Proprietorships / Partnership firms. We do not currently lend to real estate projects, agricultural production or MFIs.

We are focused on the following sectors:

  • 1. Agricultural supply chain
  • 2. Clean Energy
  • 3. Education
  • 4. Financial inclusion
  • 5. Affordable healthcare
  • 6. Water and Sanitation

ix. What documents do I need to submit to avail a loan from IntelleGrow?

Our documentation process is transparent, thorough, and flexible. Though many documents are largely specific to the case being assessed, there are some basic documents that you will need to provide pertaining to KYC and business background – which are detailed in the KYC and Anti-Money Laundering Policy.

x. In what forms could security be offered?

IntelleGrow accepts relevant forms of security based on the risks of the loan proposal. This could be a combination of business security like hypothecation / mortgage of assets, soft security like pledge of promoter shares, personal or corporate guarantee, or even mechanisms like share warrants and escrowing. The presence of collateral may lead to lowering the risk bracket for your loan, but in no way exclusively influences our decision to lend.